Dry trimmer

Triminators – Now Available at Eden Horticulture.

Triminator is a family owned business that is built on strong values with over 30 years of experience in engineering woodwork and forestry tools. As a result of this expert knowledge, they designed a machine that would increase processing speeds with a patented trimming system to provide a precise and beautiful trim. After hours of testing, experts in their field were so impressed with the machines mechanical precision and raw speed – they named it the Triminator.

Triminator Trimming machines are designed to offer a pure, lubricant free solution to hand trimming while providing gentle and minimal interaction with the flower. Above all, with a wide range of trimming machines, you are sure to find one to suit your customers specific needs.


The Triminator Dry has been specifically designed to be a fast, quiet, and user-friendly trimmer. Designed specifically for growers who prefer to trim dry.

Long narrow drum maximises cutting surface resulting in faster trimming, without causing unnecessary movement for the flowers. Ideal cutting speed provides optimum gentle tumble, which helps preserve trichomes.

MAXIMUM CUTTING SURFACE – Long narrow drum maximises cutting surface resulting in faster trimming.

PERFECT CUTTING SPEED– By testing hundreds of rotating speeds they’ve established the perfect automatic  trimmer cutting speed, slow enough to maintain the integrity of the trichomes, fast enough to cut.

IMPACT FREE – A gentle tumble allows the flower to be exposed to new cutting surfaces naturally with little trichome loss, if any.

PORTABILITY – This dry trimmer was designed to go anywhere. Simply roll it where you want to go.

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Portable, versatile and easy to use. Trim anywhere your harvest takes you with Triminator Mini Dry. This award winning portable trimmer offers commercial grade quality, an excellent trim and it’s built to last. Trims up to 2-5 pounds an hour and offers optional kief tumbler kit to maximise productivity.

TRIM ANYWHERE – The compact and lightweight design makes the Mini Dry a very good option for your customers. Carrying handles allow you to manoeuvre with the machine effortlessly while the compact size lets you store it in the smallest spaces hassle free.

TOOL FREE – Disassemble and assemble without tools in 15 seconds or less with innovative turn-loc system. Drum swaps are fast and clean up is easy.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN – Load. Run. Unload. Quickly and easily with roll back design that makes trimming easy and comfortable.

PRESSURE WASHABLE – Military grade materials mean the Mini Dry was made to be used. Pressure washable means cleanup is a breeze.

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The Triminator XL Dry was built for business. With a trimming capacity of up to 60 pounds an hour, this dry trimmer is the fastest dry trimmer in the world.

BIGGER IS BETTER – Industry’s largest dry drum with 44.5? of effective cutting length for production speeds of up to 60lbs per hour.

GENTLE TRIMMER – Optimised trim speed minimises trichome loss, while maximising production.

SPEED TRIM TECHNOLOGY – Innovative angular shear band geometry provide sharp precise trimming every time for a close clean trim.

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Triminator Wet was built to meet the rigorous demands of commercial and large scale growers. Designed to trim faster, cut closer, and run longer without cleaning. Triminator Wet is the most technologically advanced trimmer on Earth.


Trim Logic was designed by removing the bed knife, and adjusting the cutting reel and drum alignment to allow the drum and reel to come within .0025” of an inch of one another, roughly the thickness of a human hair.


Trim 200 pounds non-stop with our patented self-cleaning Resin Repel mist system. No more squeaky, sticky drums, no more mandatory hourly cleanings, or frustrating spray bottles. Resin Repel cleans itself.


Long narrow drum maximises cutting surface resulting in faster bud trimming, without causing unnecessary movement for the flowers.

2x FASTER than the competition.
90x FASTER than hand trimming.
30% MORE cutting surface.

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What is a trim bag?

Trimbag is a collapsible, lightweight and blade free bag with the potential to save you time and money.

So it can turn a boring, even complex time-consuming manual job with scissors into a breeze. How you ask? By simplifying the process and optimising the amount of energy and time I used. So simply roll, sweep and tumble you’r flowers to separate leaves with ease.

How does trimbag work?

Using Trimbags is a simple process because it has no moving parts or electronic tech.

It’s simplicity at its finest. You rotate the fabric drum, and Trimbag does all the hard work. With every rotation, the gentle friction breaks off the dry leaf matter (As a rule, 15-20 rotations is needed to de-leaf dense product). This leaves you with two, neatly separated, piles of materials which can be emptied via the two chambers. While the friction removes the leaf matter, it keeps the vast majority of essential oils intact, because of this it preserves the very best fro m your end product, and cutting down your workload massively. The Trimbag also comes with a carry bag to transport it from your grow area to a secure location, Trimbag is also able to be pushed flat allowing for easy storage


How to use Trimbag?

Trimbag is only compatible with well dried product that has a solid density and For best results, follow the instructions below:


Place the dried material inside the larger component, and zip it up. Rotate the Trimbag clockwise and counter-clockwise in quick succession 15-20 times. Place the bag down, making sure that the Trimbag logo is visible, and give it one final shake. Unzip the smaller compartment, and deposit the waste into a tray. Zip-up the smaller compartment, and then unzip the larger compartment; pour your trimmed, finished product into a tray ready for curing. After each usage, wipe with a damp cloth and lubricate the zips with the hemp oil provided.