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Let’s start off with a few misconceptions. Snoops premium nutrients is NOT just an average product which has had Snoop’s name and face slapped on it to make it sell. Snoop reached out to the world’s top hydroponic nutrient specialists and scientists and got them to formulate a premium line of nutrients to share with people around the world. Made from pharmaceutical grade liquid ingredients they are available in three different variants to suit every type of grower both big and small.


Formulated so that you achieve premium results from your run to waste system. Tailor made taking into consideration the fact that the nutrients pass through the root zone only once. When this happens the exact ratio of each element they require to deliver. When the nutrients pass through the root zone the cation NH+4 is always taken first. This results in depleted levels of NH+4 every time the feed water recirculates. Snoops circulating recipe has elevated levels of  NH+4 to solve this problem. It is advised you change your tank every 2-3 days or your  NH+4 levels will be too low.

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Formulated so that you achieve premium results from your recirculating system. When using these circulating nutrients your water usage is significantly reduced allowing for a more eco-friendly, economical method of growing. The cation exchange sites want to get rid of as much K as they can because they prefer Ca. The recipe gives the exchange sites the opportunity to take on Ca, as the exchange sites take on Ca, the K is released to the root zone.

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Snoop’s coco nutrients help you achieve premium results from your coco substrate. The recipe takes into account its tailor made elements already present in the background EC of the coco due to the buffering process that coco goes through. The most common process for buffering coco is using potassium nitrate, to correct this, potassium need to reduce and calcium need to increase in the recipe. This is because of the cation exchange capacity (CEC ). Cation exchange sites are negatively charged sites on the growing media that attract positively charged cations. Certain cations attach easier to these sites. This is where elements from nutrients exchange with elements present on coco. The Snoops range is available in both soft water and hard water variants. Want to stock Snoops? Contact us for more information, but remember we offer exclusivity areas!!

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