Our Brands

At Eden Horticulture we strive to bring you the best world leading hydroponic brands. We only sell the hydroponic products we truly believe in and give everything a serious once over before we include it in our product range. By doing this we give you, the retailer, a one stop shop hydroponic wholesaler with a full product range to offer your customers.

Omega Lighting design and manufacture high quality lighting products with the grower in mind.

Root Nurse Fabric Pots produce the optimum fabric pot products for the hydroponic market.


Vortex are market leaders in high performance ventilation. They create acoustic fans and air movers for horticulture.


Professional horticultural contactors constructed from premium component parts. Widow contactors offer powerful control and reliability.

Cyco is a comprehensive range superior hydroponic products. The only pharmaceutical grade nutrient range on the market.

Carbon Garden filters are constructed and developed from premium activated CGV-4 virgin carbon which eliminates odours on contact.

Advanced Nutrients produce a wide range of nutrients and additives for hydroponic, soil and coco growing.

Biobizz are specialists in organic nutrients and growing media. They are purveyors of organic cultivation.

Jiffy have over 60 years experience with growing media for horticulture and farming. The professional growers choice!


The products of Atami are sold worldwide and optimum breeding successes are obtained on many different continents!

DryBag and DryPot are low cost disposable dehumidifiers perfect for the hobby grower.

DryBag and DryPot are low cost disposable dehumidifiers perfect for the hobby grower.

Luxx manufacture competitively priced horticultural sheeting to the highest standard.

Monsterbuds grow tents are designed for the indoor grower and offer a vast array of features designed to help maximize yield.


GrowTools are the sister brand to GrowGadgets, producing quality accessories for the grow room.

Growth Technology have been formulating hydroponic nutrients since 1984 and Ionic has been a staple range since then.



MyCO2 is the only user activated organic CO2 release kit on the market. Not only that but they produce edible gourmet mushrooms as well!


Bid Green

Aqua King produce the best sprayers – the hydroponic growers first choice!

Traditional manufacturer of liquid fertilisers and nutrition supplements for plant cultivation.




Flairform manufactures the most advanced nutrients and additives for hydroponics, coco or soil gardening.



Foxfarm produce the finest quality gardening products – soil mixes, soil fertilisers, and conditioners. Known especially for Beastie Bloomz and Cha-ching!



HESI is designed to stimulate plant growth and increase yields by integrating optimal vitamin compounds geared towards each phase of the plant’s life cycle.



Stealth Tank is the stealthiest of tanks! Completely flexible to get into all those places where a normal rigid plastic tank won’t fit!



Superthrive is a proven product with over half a century! Its renowned for being the worlds top plant supply of over fifty vitamins and hormones.