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Omega Rebrand: Light Up and Grow!

Omega Rebrand #Light Up & Grow













The Omega rebrand is complete and they have officially launched the new packaging for the 600W Digi Pro and 600W Black light kits. With a seamless and consistent design running throughout the Omega range, your customers will not be disappointed! The Omega range is the choice for professionals looking for maximum crop growth. The re-design reflects this.

So what’s new?


It’s more than just putting the Omega logo on a new package. The Omega rebrand draws attention, sends a message and makes consumers feel a certain way. Omega’s new kit design is sleek and stylish. As a result, it has a clean design and a clear message: Light Up and Grow. A carefully selected colour palette translates effectively and consistently across all the Omega range from ballast, to bulb to reflector.

Product Information

Omega’s rebrand has been designed with the end user in mind. It comes with more product information than before. It tells your customers everything they need to know about these premium products.

When creating the packaging for the Omega 600W Digi-Pro Ballast, Omega utilises every inch of space. Instead of leaving the inside of the box untouched, Omega has provided the user with important technical specification inside the lid.

Contained inside each box, throughout Omega’s complete range of ballasts, bulbs and reflectors, there is a detailed manual. It informs the user about all product specifications, useful tips and practical advice.

   omega bulb redesign

a redesign of omega ballast packaging

User Experience

Omega’s 600W Digi-Pro is a fully dimmable digital ballast and is ideal for powering HID lamps. This premium product comes with a 5 year guarantee. The steps to redesign the packaging reflects this quality ballast. Omega has considered the actions a customer will go through while interacting with the packaging. The ballast is encased in an open top box, and then put inside an outer sleeve. As a result, the simple act of layering the packaging adds to this premium product.

In the competitive world of retail, products needs to stand out on the shelf and draw customers in. Above all, we believe the new Omega packaging does just this.


Omega is a rapidly growing manufacturer in the horticulture industry. They produce high quality lighting products that promote healthy plants, bigger yields and optimal growth. If you’re interested in stocking the Omega range or would like to know more, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly, knowledgeable sales team 0n 01952 455725.

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