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Shield Your Yield – Plant Care Protection!

Eden Horticulture is now stocking the full range of Shield products. Shield is a range of professional plant care protection and odour neutralising products that harness the, “Power Of Essential Oils.’ These products have been developed in conjunction with Professor Valerie Edward-Jones (seen on embarrassing bodies!)

Shield uses blends of essential oils to protect plants from potentially harmful environmental factors such as spider mite, thrip, white fly, black fly, russet mite aphids, mould and fungal spores.



  • Shield Neutraliser Gel Blocks have been developed to outlast and outperform traditional odour removal blocks. Shield Neutraliser Blocks use their proprietary essential oil technology not just to mask smells, but completely destroy them. All without any harmful chemicals or fragrances! They come in a variety of flavours including:
    • Anti Bacteria
    • Cherry
    • Lemon
    • Professional
    • Fresh Linen


  • Sheild Bak off uses essential oils to kill fungus and bacteria in your growing area. Bac-Off by Shield is supplied ready to use and can be used anywhere that bacteria, mould and harmful spores may be present. Safe for humans with no nasty residue, simply spray on and wipe off. If required it can be diluted (0.5ml per litre) to run through hydro systems after use


  • Shield Plant Wash is an environmentally friendly pest control product which controls many plant pests with a physical mode of action.


  • This product is an inexpensive solution to prevent an overload of humidity. Shield Aqua Trap is completely passive, meaning no power is needed and there is no noise. Simply position your Shield Aqua Trap and over time it will absorb excessive moisture, locking it within. It has the capacity of 2 litres and can be refilled easily using a handy refill pack, this contains a specially formulated blend of Shield.


  • Shield Pest Alert provides an effective yet inexpensive early warning system for all types of crawling bugs. Great value and so easy to use, Shield Pest Alert strips stop bugs in their tracks and help to prevent infestations.
  • Available in small and large versions. Small versions feature stakes to stand them directly in the soil. Large versions can be hung around the growing area and will catch airborne pests.




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