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Method Seven: Pioneering design that helps protect your eyes.

Triminators – Now Available at Eden Horticulture.

Triminator is a family owned business that is built on strong values with over 30 years of experience in engineering woodwork and forestry tools. As a result of this expert knowledge, they designed a machine that would increase processing speeds with a patented trimming system to provide a precise and beautiful trim. After hours of testing, experts in their field were so impressed with the machines mechanical precision and raw speed – they named it the Triminator.

Triminator Trimming machines are designed to offer a pure, lubricant free solution to hand trimming while providing gentle and minimal interaction with the flower. Above all, with a wide range of trimming machines, you are sure to find one to suit your customers specific needs.


The Triminator Dry has been specifically designed to be a fast, quiet, and user-friendly trimmer. Designed specifically for growers who prefer to trim dry.

Long narrow drum maximises cutting surface resulting in faster trimming, without causing unnecessary movement for the flowers. Ideal cutting speed provides optimum gentle tumble, which helps preserve trichomes.

MAXIMUM CUTTING SURFACE – Long narrow drum maximises cutting surface resulting in faster trimming.

PERFECT CUTTING SPEED– By testing hundreds of rotating speeds they’ve established the perfect automatic  trimmer cutting speed, slow enough to maintain the integrity of the trichomes, fast enough to cut.

IMPACT FREE – A gentle tumble allows the flower to be exposed to new cutting surfaces naturally with little trichome loss, if any.

PORTABILITY – This dry trimmer was designed to go anywhere. Simply roll it where you want to go.

Interested in stocking the Dry Trimmer? Call the office for prices.



Portable, versatile and easy to use. Trim anywhere your harvest takes you with Triminator Mini Dry. This award winning portable trimmer offers commercial grade quality, an excellent trim and it’s built to last. Trims up to 2-5 pounds an hour and offers optional kief tumbler kit to maximise productivity.

TRIM ANYWHERE – The compact and lightweight design makes the Mini Dry a very good option for your customers. Carrying handles allow you to manoeuvre with the machine effortlessly while the compact size lets you store it in the smallest spaces hassle free.

TOOL FREE – Disassemble and assemble without tools in 15 seconds or less with innovative turn-loc system. Drum swaps are fast and clean up is easy.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN – Load. Run. Unload. Quickly and easily with roll back design that makes trimming easy and comfortable.

PRESSURE WASHABLE – Military grade materials mean the Mini Dry was made to be used. Pressure washable means cleanup is a breeze.

Interested in stocking the The Trimmer Mini Dry? Call the office for prices.



The Triminator XL Dry was built for business. With a trimming capacity of up to 60 pounds an hour, this dry trimmer is the fastest dry trimmer in the world.

BIGGER IS BETTER – Industry’s largest dry drum with 44.5? of effective cutting length for production speeds of up to 60lbs per hour.

GENTLE TRIMMER – Optimised trim speed minimises trichome loss, while maximising production.

SPEED TRIM TECHNOLOGY – Innovative angular shear band geometry provide sharp precise trimming every time for a close clean trim.

Interested in stocking the The Triminator XL? Call the office for prices.



Triminator Wet was built to meet the rigorous demands of commercial and large scale growers. Designed to trim faster, cut closer, and run longer without cleaning. Triminator Wet is the most technologically advanced trimmer on Earth.


Trim Logic was designed by removing the bed knife, and adjusting the cutting reel and drum alignment to allow the drum and reel to come within .0025” of an inch of one another, roughly the thickness of a human hair.


Trim 200 pounds non-stop with our patented self-cleaning Resin Repel mist system. No more squeaky, sticky drums, no more mandatory hourly cleanings, or frustrating spray bottles. Resin Repel cleans itself.


Long narrow drum maximises cutting surface resulting in faster bud trimming, without causing unnecessary movement for the flowers.

2x FASTER than the competition.
90x FASTER than hand trimming.
30% MORE cutting surface.

If you’re interested in stocking The Triminator or would like to know more, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly, knowledgeable sales team 0n 01952 455725.

Everything you need to know about Leafwell’s new range.

Omega Rebrand: Light Up and Grow!

Omega Rebrand #Light Up & Grow













The Omega rebrand is complete and they have officially launched the new packaging for the 600W Digi Pro and 600W Black light kits. With a seamless and consistent design running throughout the Omega range, your customers will not be disappointed! The Omega range is the choice for professionals looking for maximum crop growth. The re-design reflects this.

So what’s new?


It’s more than just putting the Omega logo on a new package. The Omega rebrand draws attention, sends a message and makes consumers feel a certain way. Omega’s new kit design is sleek and stylish. As a result, it has a clean design and a clear message: Light Up and Grow. A carefully selected colour palette translates effectively and consistently across all the Omega range from ballast, to bulb to reflector.

Product Information

Omega’s rebrand has been designed with the end user in mind. It comes with more product information than before. It tells your customers everything they need to know about these premium products.

When creating the packaging for the Omega 600W Digi-Pro Ballast, Omega utilises every inch of space. Instead of leaving the inside of the box untouched, Omega has provided the user with important technical specification inside the lid.

Contained inside each box, throughout Omega’s complete range of ballasts, bulbs and reflectors, there is a detailed manual. It informs the user about all product specifications, useful tips and practical advice.

   omega bulb redesign

a redesign of omega ballast packaging

User Experience

Omega’s 600W Digi-Pro is a fully dimmable digital ballast and is ideal for powering HID lamps. This premium product comes with a 5 year guarantee. The steps to redesign the packaging reflects this quality ballast. Omega has considered the actions a customer will go through while interacting with the packaging. The ballast is encased in an open top box, and then put inside an outer sleeve. As a result, the simple act of layering the packaging adds to this premium product.

In the competitive world of retail, products needs to stand out on the shelf and draw customers in. Above all, we believe the new Omega packaging does just this.


Omega is a rapidly growing manufacturer in the horticulture industry. They produce high quality lighting products that promote healthy plants, bigger yields and optimal growth. If you’re interested in stocking the Omega range or would like to know more, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly, knowledgeable sales team 0n 01952 455725.

We have all seen those small white particles in soil mixes…..
but what are they? What do they do? Are they just for show?

Perlite are those tiny particles and they work to block the soil from becoming compacted. By doing this perlite acts as an aid to maintaining an adequate air flow (oxygenating the soil) for the produce. This in turn will improve any plant aerobic respiration. Perlite is right for your growing operation, to find out why it is best to dig (pun intended) a bit deeper into just what it is and what it does.

What is perlite?

Perlite naturally occurs as a bi-product to active volcano’s and is made from the heat hitting the sand. Because of this Perlite then forms glass and expands rapidly, the useful parts are then taken and superheated in a kiln until it expands like popcorn.
This further expansion causes it to be very lightweight and gives it an air holding capacity. These crevices also attract nutrient-rich water in the perlite particles and this capillary feature is so crucial to the plant as it will provide moisture and oxygen to your plant.
Perlite is non-fibrous, which means it safe for use. However, it can contain dust particles, so it is best to work with it moist to prevent the inhalation of these particles.

Why should I use it?

Like we said above Perlite is very helpful in improving anaerobic conditions of the soil especially on regular soil. Other soils that can benefit from perlite are peat and coco which are quite heavy and easily compactable.
If the soil is to compacted then the air pores shrink, reducing oxygen flow and water to the plant. This then causes the plant to loose vigour and produce. Another issue with compacted soil is the roots find it harder to grow and expand, decreasing the net gain of nutrients to the plant from soil and water.

So for systems that are struggling for oxygen, perlite is the best option. Its reusable, it’s in expensive and it’s pH neutral so no complicated pH solutions to balance.
When used in the proper ratio perlite will fix the issues listed above. Perlite placed on the surface of the grow media will reduce moisture from the surface and eliminate mold and moss.




And for good reason, with luxx lighting DE bulbs boasting a high intensity strength that beats its competition in terms of flowering/vegetation. Their premium aluminium compound allows over 90% reflective capabilities, theres a reason why the jungle boys use them exclusively.

To see the individual PPFD values click here

Luxx Lighting UK

What is PPFD?

PPFD is photosynthetic photon flux density.

So what does that mean? Well PPFD measures the volume of PAR that actually arrives at the plant surface. As a scientist would say: “the amount of photosynthetically active photons that fall on a given surface each second”.

PPFD is a ‘spot’ measurement of a definitive space on the plant surface, and it is measured in micromoles per square meter per second (?mol/m2/s).

Want to find out the true light intensity and concentration of a lamp over a designated growing area (e.g. 4’ x 4’)? Well it is important that the average of several PPFD readings at a defined height are taken to get a true accurate reading. Therefore make sure you you take more than one.

Lighting companies that only publish the PPFD at the centre point of a coverage area grossly overestimate the true light intensity of a fixture. Because a single measurement does not tell you much, since horticulture lights are generally brightest in the centre. With light levels decreasing as measurements are taken towards the edges of the coverage area.

Marketing Material!

Because you’ve got the best product on the market, doesn’t mean it will always sell. Therefore you need a way to show that you have the hottest new lights on the market. Get in touch today and request some large marketing banners.

Don’t have space for a banner? Eden has some fresh new leaflets that will help get the message out there.

What is a trim bag?

Trimbag is a collapsible, lightweight and blade free bag with the potential to save you time and money.

So it can turn a boring, even complex time-consuming manual job with scissors into a breeze. How you ask? By simplifying the process and optimising the amount of energy and time I used. So simply roll, sweep and tumble you’r flowers to separate leaves with ease.

How does trimbag work?

Using Trimbags is a simple process because it has no moving parts or electronic tech.

It’s simplicity at its finest. You rotate the fabric drum, and Trimbag does all the hard work. With every rotation, the gentle friction breaks off the dry leaf matter (As a rule, 15-20 rotations is needed to de-leaf dense product). This leaves you with two, neatly separated, piles of materials which can be emptied via the two chambers. While the friction removes the leaf matter, it keeps the vast majority of essential oils intact, because of this it preserves the very best fro m your end product, and cutting down your workload massively. The Trimbag also comes with a carry bag to transport it from your grow area to a secure location, Trimbag is also able to be pushed flat allowing for easy storage


How to use Trimbag?

Trimbag is only compatible with well dried product that has a solid density and For best results, follow the instructions below:


Place the dried material inside the larger component, and zip it up. Rotate the Trimbag clockwise and counter-clockwise in quick succession 15-20 times. Place the bag down, making sure that the Trimbag logo is visible, and give it one final shake. Unzip the smaller compartment, and deposit the waste into a tray. Zip-up the smaller compartment, and then unzip the larger compartment; pour your trimmed, finished product into a tray ready for curing. After each usage, wipe with a damp cloth and lubricate the zips with the hemp oil provided.

The Premium range of Vortex carbon filters differ from its competitors. It does this by using RC412, the newest, purest, most advanced virgin activated carbon pellets on the market. The pellets average half the weight of competing filters, and are more lightweight than any other comparable product. The product is therefore easier to move, secure and store.

Using premium aluminium casting means that there are no short cuts in the manufacturing process. Thus making it extremely efficient and reliable, and assuring a guaranteed extended lifespan.

Premium active carbon is filled into the filter during the manufacturing process.  A shaker bed controls the process to ensure that the amount of carbon within the filter is maximised. Because of this, there is a consistent level bed of active carbon throughout the entirety of each filter.

Carbon filters are the most common and best method of controlling grow room odour. They also pose no environmental or health risk to you or your plants. However it is very important to match the air flow with the correct filter. If the airflow is too high, the filter will be unable to cope with the amount of contaminated air passing through. Therefore there will still be an “odour” after the extract air has passed through the filter.

At Eden Horticulture, we have matched the correct filters with the correct airflow fans so we can ensure that these problems are avoided.

Customers can find this product available in a range of sizes from 4” to 12.5”.

We currently have 15% off our already competitive prices. So call today to see how we can help you. 

+44 (0)1952 455725


Eden is pleased to announce that two new hydroponic sales reps will be joining the Eden family. Both reps have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the hydroponics and horticultural industry, and we look forward to their specialist support.

Similarly Steven Robinson will be handling the northern regions; Such as Newcastle, Manchester, Glasgow, and surrounding areas as well as leading our activity in Liverpool. After numerous years in the industry, and after successfully running a hydroponic shop, Steven has an understanding of the hydroponic sector; with his specialized experience in growtents, he understands what shops want, and knows how to make sure everyone is satisfied.

In order to meet the increase in demand, Carl Stevens will be joining Richard Hamilton to cover the Southern and Midlands regions. This extra support will ensure that all our local shops will get to see us as frequently as possible. After running his own business, Carl has established strong connections with industry professionals. Carl will use his advanced knowledge in grow lighting and experience to strengthen the relationships between our network of shops.

Both Carl and Steven will be bringing products for you to sample and purchase. If you need to test the latest line of nutrients, or top up on your lighting kits, they’ll have you covered.

Want a visit from one our hydroponic sales team? or perhaps need a delivery in a hurry? Call us or also you can email to arrange a time that suits.

Richard Hamilton . – 07528 600200
Carl Stevens . – 07746 715093
Steven Robinson . – 07746 772888
Eden Horticulture . – 01952 455725 (9am-5pm)

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The main goal and objective of any business are to attract and retain customers, as well as make a profit. Customer acquisition and retention can only be accomplished through marketing.

In today’s competitive & developing hydroponics market it is impossible to have a thriving retail store without engaging in marketing. Retailers who are successful are not luckier than you, they have simply learned and applied the correct marketing techniques that work for them.

Here are a few tips on how to improve your retail sales with some simple marketing techniques.






Get social

In today’s fast-paced business world, it is impossible to not be virtual. Modern-day marketing techniques often revolve around social media efforts.

Social media marketing on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is the most cost-effective form of marketing today. It is vital to have an online presence.

Customers will engage with you if you are active on social media. Social media marketing is a great and effective method to position yourself as the top retailer for your goods. This is achieved with consistent and constant messaging and posts on social media – and not only when sales are down.

Connect and engage with your customer

Marketing techniques have long included customer service strategies. Today, customer service excellence goes beyond just giving your customer what he or she wants.

Customers demand to be engaged and valued. Customers expect retail shopping to be an experience and not merely a monetary exchange for goods.

Marketing trends are moving to methods of engaging with customers in a meaningful way. Chatbots and artificial intelligence (AI) are leading the way in making retailers tech savvy enough to keep up the demand from customers.

Engaging with customers not only help make them feel valued but it is also a great opportunity for you to make them aware of the goods you have on offer, any specials or discounts available and any other value-added services you offer.

Do not throw out the old-school completely
As technology steadily improves your marketing efforts and customer engagement, the old school methods are still as effective as ten to twenty years ago.

Still one of the best methods of keeping in touch with your customer is to create a mailing list. People still use email as a communication tool and keeping in touch with customer constantly will build a relationship of trust.

A key element to always bear in mind with marketing is that your customer is not simply looking for a product, he or she wants an experience. There is no better method to deliver this experience than through constant and consistent communication.

Sure you can advertise more, but if you are counting every spare coin in the business, you may not always be able to afford to advertise. Modern-day marketing techniques such as social media, online presence, and AI technology will ensure you are up to date with your marketing efforts and will ensure you are reaching your customers where they are. The cost is minimal compared to the amazing results and benefits of online and innovative marketing.

Plan your store layout





Planning or restructuring your retail space and store layout can result in massive improvements in customer retention and average spends by customer. Looking at what works and what don’t and measuring performance on products should be carried out daily. Below are some helpful tips to help maximize your store layout.

Don’t place your shop counter facing the entrance! By doing so results in your customers missing out all of your product display and drives them straight to the counter. Try moving your counter so that it is the last thing they see upon exiting (supermarket) or move it to the side to encourage your customer to wander and soak up the retail space you have created.

Keep it eye level

keeping most popular items & highest margin items at eyelevel will create the highest conversion rate. Having items to high or too low is a strain and can often lead to customers missing key items or wanted sales. When your next in a supermarket look at the brands which they choose to display at eyelevel. You will find it most likely to be leading brands (Heinz, coke & Hovis) at these viewpoints.

How to up-sell?

Accessories should be displayed at all lingering points (point in which the customer stops and pauses (tills, displays, counters, entrances, exits) having dump bins & essentials near these areas can increase average user spend by 30% in some cases.

Bitcoin Hydroponics?

A cryptocurrency is basically a digital asset that was created to work as a medium of exchange and as a store of value. Cryptocurrencies make use of the cryptography technology to ensure that each network is secure from external attacks. They are built on the blockchain technology which in itself is a distributed ledger that stores relevant data in a secure and permanent manner. Currently, there are over 1300 cryptocurrencies in the world and this increasing development and launch of these platforms have been attributed mostly to the popularity and the return on investment they offer. Bitcoin sits as the most valued cryptocurrency based on market value and total market capitalization. This is actually because it is the first crypto platform to be developed and launched.






What Cryptocurrencies Can Be Used For

1. They can be used to buy goods;

Prior to this time, it would be extremely difficult to see merchants or businesses that accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment for goods and services bought. With the world evolving, these cryptocurrencies right now have been accepted by over 200 offline and online merchants around the world. The Bitcoin’s BTC token can be used to pay for hotel rooms, can be used to buy flight tickets, can be used to purchase luxury homes and recently, they can even be used to acquire a college degree.

While Bitcoin’s BTC token happens to be the most adopted, top altcoins like Litecoin, Ripple and Ethereum have all seen an increase in their adoption rate over the last couple of months.

2. They can be invested;

It is believed by most people that cryptocurrencies are the hottest investments any investor can make. This is true, the price volatility feature of these digital currencies is why they are way more profitable than the regular financial investment you can make. Bitcoin which happens to be the most valuable has seen a considerable increase in its price over the years. As at December 2017, Bitcoin was valued for over $19,000. Investing in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general will definitely bring greater return on investments when compared to other investment choices you can opt for.

3. They can be mined;

These are the most important people on any cryptocurrency network. These miners contribute their quota to the success of these network through their computing power that is used to solve complex mathematical problems. Solving these complex problems is important because it helps confirm transactions on the network as well as record the transaction on the blockchain technology. For verifying or confirming these transactions, these miners are rewarded with crypto tokens.

To explain better, what a miner does on the Bitcoin network (or any other crypto network) is to verify all transactions then receive rewards in form of BTC tokens. Mining could be another form of investing, the difference being that instead of buying these tokens from cryptocurrency exchanges, you will have to purchase mining hardwares in order to solve these complex problems.

4. Can be used as a payment method;

Business owners who are looking for better service and increased sales would opt to add cryptocurrencies as a payment method. The growing need for cryptocurrencies is why it is necessary that all businesses integrate them into their payment methods. Currently, there are over 1800 crypto ATM’s in over 58 countries. Businesses seeking to integrate cryptocurrencies as a payment method can accept these payments through touch screen applications, hardware terminals and wallet addresses via the QR (Quick Response) code. One hydroponic wholesale company in the UK Eden-horticulture happens to be one of the latest companies to start accepting BTC tokens as a payment method.

Benefits Of Adding Cryptocurrencies As A Payment Method

1. Lower fees;

Businesses with the credit card payment method are charged way higher. When a transaction is carried out using credit cards, the merchant or business is not the only one involved, the bank and the credit card company are also involved. Each of these involved parties charge stipulated transaction fees for their services. On an average, transaction fees for credit card payments could rise to over 5%.

Cryptocurrencies eliminate the need for middlemen, so every transaction is simply between the sender and receiver, thus ensuring lower fees. All cryptocurrency transactions are charged between 0.1% to about 1%. Adding cryptocurrencies to your payment options would definitely mean that you save loads of money and more in the long run.

2. Security and privacy;

Credit card payments and other payment options like PayPal have become dens for scammers and hackers. These people steal the information of customers and use them for several criminal activities. All cryptocurrency transactions are secured and private. Users are not required to fill in personal data, so their information is not tampered by anyone. Most individuals who seek for better privacy have opted for the privacy tokens like Monero, Dash, Verge etc.

3. Accepted globally;

Most conventional payment methods are not accepted in all parts of the world. Also, most charge double of the regular fees when you carry out transactions in certain countries. One of the main features of cryptocurrencies is that they are globally accepted, meaning that people from all over the world can buy and make payments easily with them.

Also, these cryptocurrencies are decentralized meaning that users have all the right on the network. They are not regulated by the government and they give your business an amazing international appeal. Why put your international customers through the stress of having to convert their local currencies to a foreign one before they are able to make payments? You can save them the stress by opting for cryptocurrencies as a payment method.

4. They are fast;

On an average, it would take your conventional payment method time before transactions are verified. It could even take hours or days for international transactions. Cryptocurrencies are known for their ultrafast transactions. Over 500 to 1000 transactions can be processed in a second by these crypto networks.

With these benefits mentioned, integrating cryptocurrencies as a means of payment for your business would definitely improve your business. Also, it would make things easier and faster for your local and International customers. 

Eden Horticulture is the first hydroponics wholesaler who now accepts Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a method of payment or contacts us on 01952 455725 to find out more.

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Due to a large customer demand we have expanded our same day delivery routes.

We offer next day Hydroponics UK Delivery to all hydroponic orders in the UK. For some busy stockists thats not quick enough which is why we have expanded our Same day local delivery route. This allows us to supply not only our hydroponics stockists in the Midlands, but now able to expand this service into areas where customers have not been previously able to get stock before.

We now distribute same day to the following areas (dependent on availability) 
Birmingham, Cannock, Kidderminster, Ludlow, Oswestry, Telford, Shrewsbury, Walsall and Wolverhampton.

Hydroponics UK Delivery

Any stockists who are interested in same day delivery and distribution from Eden horticulture should contact us on 01952 455725 and we will look to cover your area shortly.

Check out our stockist