Luxx Lighting, the best in the game

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And for good reason, with luxx lighting DE bulbs boasting a high intensity strength that beats its competition in terms of flowering/vegetation. Their premium aluminium compound allows over 90% reflective capabilities, theres a reason why the jungle boys use them exclusively.

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What is PPFD?

PPFD is photosynthetic photon flux density.

So what does that mean? Well PPFD measures the volume of PAR that actually arrives at the plant surface. As a scientist would say: “the amount of photosynthetically active photons that fall on a given surface each second”.

PPFD is a ‘spot’ measurement of a definitive space on the plant surface, and it is measured in micromoles per square meter per second (?mol/m2/s).

Want to find out the true light intensity and concentration of a lamp over a designated growing area (e.g. 4’ x 4’)? Well it is important that the average of several PPFD readings at a defined height are taken to get a true accurate reading. Therefore make sure you you take more than one.

Lighting companies that only publish the PPFD at the centre point of a coverage area grossly overestimate the true light intensity of a fixture. Because a single measurement does not tell you much, since horticulture lights are generally brightest in the centre. With light levels decreasing as measurements are taken towards the edges of the coverage area.

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