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1In this newsletter I want to tell you about Hygrozyme from Sipco. Sipco is a Canadian family owned company, first established in 1974. They specialize in the manufacture of enzyme solutions in the hobbyist and commercial horticultural market. They are a tight-knit team of driven, quirky and unique professional individuals. One of the main reasons Sipco leads the market is down to their commitment to creating the very best enzyme-based solution products for making your plants healthier. Hygrozyme is the grower’s choice of enzyme. I personally have used it for years. It’s a great long lasting product with great dilution rates. I wouldn’t grow without it. Anyone who’s anyone has heard of it…and if you haven’t? You’re missing out.


Hygrozyme can and should include in all plant feeding regimes no matter whether you are growing in coco, soil, clay or even when using a hydro only system. Hygrozyme works perfectly to fit in with all styles and systems/methods. It should use throughout the entire vegetative and flowering stage of the plant’s life. Moreover, it is a complete multi-enzyme blend, no additional enzymatic products required. It’s literally a 1 bottle enzyme super product.

Hygrozyme contains an industry leading concentration of 4 core enzymes: 1,000 U/mL Cellulase, 100 U/mL Xylanase, 75 U/mL Hemicellulase and 40 U/mL beta-Glucanase, which are also complemented by a unique blend of additional hydrolytic enzymes to assist in the effective breakdown of dead root matter.

What are Enzymes used for?

Enzymes are used in most industries to make some of your favorite things like tastier beer, softer clothes, better cheeses and juices, more efficient detergents etc…

What are Enzymes?

Enzymes are proteins, made up of amino acids that act as catalysts – they facilitate, energize, and speed up biochemical reactions. In fact, the rate of reaction can be several million times faster than if left un-catalyzed! An extreme example is orotidine 5?-phosphate decarboxylase, which allows a reaction that would otherwise take millions of years to occur in milliseconds.

How do Enzymes work

Enzymes are highly specific. Only when the right enzyme finds the right substrate, does a biochemical reaction occur. This precise interaction means you never have to worry about undesirable effects. For instance, when cellulase breaks down cellulose into simple sugars, you can be sure that is all that will happen. No other material or process will alter or affect. This is why it is important to have the right enzyme formula like Hygrozyme designed specifically to get rid of the undesirable content without affecting the good.

What Hygrozyme does

Facilitates cleaner and stronger roots – One of the most important parts of your plant is the roots. Bigger the roots, bigger the fruits. If your roots aren’t clean and strong your plants will never reach their full potential. Especially, keeping your roots clean and healthy is an often overlooked part of growing. The phrase “out of sight, out of mind”  springs to mind. Moreover, incorporating Hygrozyme into any current feeding schedule will improve your yield by improving the root system of your plants.

HygrozymeAccelerates root breakdown

Your root system can be turbocharged. Hygrozyme proprietary enzyme formula also accelerates the speed of natural root zone reactions. Especially, it helps break down dead/dying roots and helps the regeneration of new fresh roots and root systems.

Keeps root zone and growing systems clean

With Hygrozyme there is less dead root matter and therefore much less chance of root based disease. As Hygrozyme breaks down dead and dying root matter it turns it in to an absorbable food source for fresh and new growing roots. This root recycling keeps the root zone free of any build up of dead root matter that could potentially rot and coarse disease. Hygrozyme also stimulates microbial growth, which improves drainage and aeration. Improved drainage and aeration means that chances of root rot are further decreased.

Sipco’s Hygrozyme product is also ISO certified, ISO 9001 is an internationally recognized set of standards for quality management systems created by the international organization for standardization. The quality standards apply to the process that creates products and services and manufacturing and service industries all over the world use this.

Available in 500ml – 1L – 4L – 10L – 20L from Eden Horticulture.

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