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Due to a large customer demand we have expanded our same day delivery routes.

We offer next day Hydroponics UK Delivery to all hydroponic orders in the UK. For some busy stockists thats not quick enough which is why we have expanded our Same day local delivery route. This allows us to supply not only our hydroponics stockists in the Midlands, but now able to expand this service into areas where customers have not been previously able to get stock before.

We now distribute same day to the following areas (dependent on availability) 
Birmingham, Cannock, Kidderminster, Ludlow, Oswestry, Telford, Shrewsbury, Walsall and Wolverhampton.

Hydroponics UK Delivery

Any stockists who are interested in same day delivery and distribution from Eden horticulture should contact us on 01952 455725 and we will look to cover your area shortly.

Check out our stockist 

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Let’s start off with a few misconceptions. Snoops premium nutrients is NOT just an average product which has had Snoop’s name and face slapped on it to make it sell. Snoop reached out to the world’s top hydroponic nutrient specialists and scientists and got them to formulate a premium line of nutrients to share with people around the world. Made from pharmaceutical grade liquid ingredients they are available in three different variants to suit every type of grower both big and small.


Formulated so that you achieve premium results from your run to waste system. Tailor made taking into consideration the fact that the nutrients pass through the root zone only once. When this happens the exact ratio of each element they require is delivered. When the nutrients pass through the root zone the cation NH+4 is always taken first. This results in depleted levels of NH+4 every time the feed water recirculates. Snoops circulating recipe has elevated levels of  NH+4 to solve this problem. It is advised you change your tank every 2-3 days or your  NH+4 levels will be too low.

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Formulated so that you achieve premium results from your recirculating system. When using these circulating nutrients your water usage is significantly reduced allowing for a more eco-friendly, economical method of growing. The cation exchange sites want to get rid of as much K as they can because they prefer Ca. The recipe gives the exchange sites the opportunity to take on Ca, as the exchange sites take on Ca, the K is released to the root zone.

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Snoop’s coco nutrients help you achieve premium results from your coco substrate. The recipe takes into account its tailor made elements already present in the background EC of the coco due to the buffering process that coco goes through. The most common process for buffering coco is using potassium nitrate, to correct this, potassium is reduced and calcium increased in the recipe. This is because of the cation exchange capacity (CEC ). Cation exchange sites are negatively charged sites on the growing media that attract positively charged cations. Certain cations attach easier to these sites. This is where elements from nutrients exchange with elements present on coco. The Snoops range is available in both soft water and hard water variants. Want to stock Snoops? Contact us for more information, but be warned we offer exclusivity areas!!

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Rich Hamilton

Available from Eden Horticulture

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The growers guide
This month I want to showcase The Growers Guide series of books. Currently 3 strong, the next book, Passive watering systems comes out later this year. The series is a ‘back to basics’ on everything to do growing indoors and runs from germinating seeds as well as cuttings, all the way through to harvest and storage.

>  Book 1 – is on Coco Coir and soil, hand feeding, run to waste – View book

>  Book 2 – is focused of growing in Bubblers and DWC ( Deep water Culture). – View book

>  Book 3 – is all about growing in Organics. – View book

>  Book 4 – (coming soon) is a complete guide on how to grow using a passive watering system.


Each book is packed full of images, “how to’s” and easy to follow text for everybody to learn from. It’s a great read whether it’s cover to cover or as a reference guide to dip into whenever you need a little clarification on certain aspects of your grow.

The Growers Guide is devoted to what the novice grower is asking for, a concise, easy to follow guide that will get you started in the world of indoor growing. This book will show you how to grow in a 1.2 x 1.2 x 2m (4ft x 4ft x 5ft 6”) growing tent/room. The book take you right through from the earliest point of the grow process, the germinating of a seed, to the very finish which is the harvest and curing of your fruits. Whilst this may currently seem extremely daunting, I guarantee that by the time you have read the whole of this book that you will feel fully informed and be able to confidently complete an entire growing cycle.

It is the only book on the market to date that brings together all the information that you need in such a way that it leaves you fully informed and up to date on what you need and should be looking out for when you first go into a hydroponics store, as the sheer range of products can be totally overwhelming if you haven’t grown before.

Each chapter covers a different step of the growing process in full and is written in order to be concise and easy to understand. You will find each chapter packed full of colour pictures, diagrams and easy step-by-step instructions, complete with a full “shopping list” of items needed for each stage of your Grow.

Chapter by chapter you will be walked through the entire process, telling you exactly what to look out for and when to expect it. It tells you what you need, what each item does and why it does it. You are walked through all available options, giving an experienced opinion along with the pro’s and con’s. It shows you how each element is best implemented into your working Grow environment, including how to get the most out of it, enabling you to produce the best end result possible.

Think of The Growers Guide as a cookbook, I have taken inspiration from my many years of experience and all the different ideas that you will find out there on the hydroponics market. Every stage of this book has been streamlined in order to produce this comprehensive guide.

With a RRP of £14.99 for each book, it provides a great, cost effective way of sharing growing technics with everyone.

Rich Hamilton
Available from Eden Horticulture


This month I want to share a fantastic, organic option for producing fresh c02 within your growing environment. MyCO2, sometimes typed out My CO2, is a customer activated mushroom grow kit carbon dioxide generator, meaning the CO2 doesn’t start releasing until after it is activated by an end user! Not only does MyCO2 introduce serious quantities of CO2 into your growing environment, it also grows delicious Oyster mushrooms! Which you can eat!

With a revolutionary difference: patent pending Customer Activation, MyCO2 has introduced the first product of its kind. The product comes with the live mushroom spawn separated from the sterile substrate with a reusable plastic clip. This is important because Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is a byproduct of the fungal growth cycle. The relative aggressiveness of the mushroom species used determines how quickly this process happens. The faster it happens the higher the concentration of byproducts like C02. That is why an aggressive species of Oyster Mushrooms is used for the Bloom box and a less aggressive Reishi Mushroom species in the Grow box so you can rest assured your plants are getting the C02 they need, tailored to their specific state of growth.

For best results as a CO2 Bag / Carbon Dioxide generator use one MyCO2 per 4’x4? area or one MyCO2 per light. The more you pack in an area the more CO2 you will release. For plant safety and easy maintenance we encourage gardeners to use the box when hanging the bags above their garden, pulling the loose section of the bag out the trap door on the back of the box, suspending it above the garden with a rope ratchet connected to the box handle.

MyCO2 Bloom can be used together with MyCO2 Grow regardless of plant growth phase. After you’re done using the MyCO2 to enhance plant growth you can follow instructions on the side of the box to grow delicious oyster mushrooms or medicinal Reishi Mushrooms in the comfort of your kitchen.

MyCO2 is an award winning product line, recognised for its “Cradle to Grave” Sustainability, achieving a 1st place Green Festival San Francisco Brand Award in 2014. MyCO2 is USDA certified organic. The clip is reusable, the bag and the box are recyclable, the CO2 it makes is used by plants, the substrate is compostable, made from a proprietary hardwood sawdust / wood chip mix, and it grows mushrooms before composted.

>  MyCO2 Bloom – up to 60 days of CO2 making about 1200 ppm
    in a 4×4 area

>  MyCO2 Bloom = Oyster Mushrooms (Pleurotus Ostreatus)

>  USDA Certified Organic, Sustainable, Recyclable, Reusable.

>  Patent Pending Customer Activation  = User Activated + Consistent results!

>  Grows Mushrooms after used for CO2

Grab a MyCO2 from Eden Horticulture today. Available in either Grow and Bloom. Your customers plants and the planet will thank you.

Rich Hamilton

Available from Eden Horticulture

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This month I want to showcase the Magical Butter Extraction Machine. This is the worlds first counter top portable Botanical Extractor, making extraction easy. So let’s have a look at it closely and try and answer some of the most common questions surrounding this first class bit of kit.

What exactly is a Magical Butter® machine?
The MagicalButter machine is the world’s first countertop Botanical Extractor™, designed for creating fantastic recipes, infusing the essence of healthy herbs into butter, oil, grain alcohol, lotions, and more. The herbs and essence’s which can be used with the Magical butter machine are pretty much endless. Some of the most popular are; Catnip, Passion Flower, Chamomile, Hops Flowers, Nettle, Mugwort, Burdock root, Raspberry leaf and Licorice.

How does The Magical Butter machine work?
The Magical Butter machine is scientifically designed for a specific purpose:
Creating incredible recipes and botanical infusions with little or NO labour. The Magical Butter machine combines an immersion blender with a digital thermostat and heating unit. The MB grinds, heats, stirs, and steeps your herbal extract, all at the correct time intervals and temperature. So you achieve your desired infusion easily, safely, and consistently. It really does take all the hard work out of making infusions. The Magical Butter Machine makes recipes bolder for; Brownies, Cookies, Smoothies, Marinades, Lotions and Salves, Candies and loads, loads more!
It sounds simple right? It really is that easy. You can even use it even if you’re a stranger to the kitchen! They have replaced all the tedious guesswork with predictable results and a cool light show. Add your ingredients, press two buttons, and get ready to…Eat to Treat®!

Why is the Magical Butter machine such a standout product?
First, uniqueness — their founder literally invented an entirely new category of kitchen appliances. More important are the amazing benefits of certain plants that people all over the world are discovering they can use to enrich their health. The Magical Butter machines ease of use, premium quality materials, affordability, and peerless customer service from TeamMB
is second to none. The Magical Butter Machine is all about
quality and about each customer.


  Fully Automatic, Microprocessor controlled program sequences

  Two-button simplicity for effortless ease of use

  Handmade pitcher constructed of stainless steel

  Integrated digital thermostat and sensors bring
    laboratory-grade temperature controls for
    consistent results

  Botanical Oil in 1 hour

  Botanical butter in 2 hours

  Botanical tincture in 4 hours

  Concentrated botanical oil in 5

  Self cleaning……..Yes SELF CLEANING

They also have a fantastic website which is full
of information, tips and recipes. The Magic
Butter team stand behind every single machine.
If you would like to sell these in your shop, get in
touch today and we can get you on board the
Magical Butter Machine train, which is taking
over the U.K.

Rich Hamilton

Available from Eden Horticulture

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This month I want to showcase CYCO nutrients. One of the U.K’s only pharmaceutical grade nutrients, CYCO is top of the tree when it comes to nutrients and additives. They have a full range of easy to use products that work fantastically as an “add on” but even better used as a complete range.

CYCO’s vision is to provide a market savvy, cutting-edge range of hydroponic plant nutrients and additives to the industry, using the latest technologies and sourcing the best ingredients for their products. All products are stringently tested before they are brought to market. CYCO’s aim is to create new benchmarks in product quality and the results they achieve. They endeavor to deliver a business platform that informs all customers on how to accomplish the best results from using the CYCO Platinum Series. They listen and learn; priding themselves on having a great relationship with the retailers as well as the end users. As a result, they are constantly looking at bringing new and inventive products to the hydroponics market that people will actually want. They have already researched and designed a unique range of products that are developed to meet all of their client’s needs to succeed in hydroponic gardening.

Everyone on the CYCO team is excited about CYCO Platinum Series products and stand behind their brand 100%. With over 28 years of experience in the hydroponic industry they are passionate about the products they produce and the services that they provide to continually improve industry standards. They have a shared intellectual pool that covers marketing, research, product development, retail, wholesale, end users agronomy and business management. This combined company intellect integrated with their passion gives them a new industry benchmark in delivering both product and service.

The CYCO Platinum Series line of plant nutrients is the benchmark in plant nutrient purity, performance, and technical advancement. Defined by the EU Pharmacopeia, the 100% pharmaceutical grade sourced minerals are guaranteed a purity of 99.8% guaranteeing that no heavy metals, manufacturing by-products, or fillers will be in the end products.

The manufacturing practices utilized in manufacturing CYCO Platinum Series nutrients are unique with the involvement of proteinate science. Proteinates are formed by a separate manufacturing process that joins pure 99.8% pure minerals with L-amino acids physically on the molecular level. The resulting 100% authentic amino chelates are then blended into products resulting in superior mineral availability while drastically lowering latent salt content.

CYCO Platinum Series Coco Coir, Pearl & Bitz mediums carry the prestigious Dutch RHP Certification for horticultural mediums which ensures a disease, virus, and contaminant free medium with month to month testing upholding this designation.

CYCO Platinum Series quality even extends into mediums slated for organic food production by utilizing the finest organic inputs in their OMRI certified Seamix and Wormix products. CYCO Platinum Series Clay holds the prestigious GGS German Geological Survey stamp of approval guaranteeing no dangerous leachates or heavy metal contamination.

Sounds to good? Since I started using the full CYCO range, I haven’t looked back. It truly is a great range of products, which I can recommend. If you don’t have it in store…you’re missing out.

Rich Hamilton

Available from Eden Horticulture

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1In this newsletter I want to tell you about Hygrozyme from Sipco. Sipco is a Canadian family owned company, first established in 1974. They specialize in the manufacture of enzyme solutions in the hobbyist and commercial horticultural market. They are a tight knit team of driven, quirky and unique professional individuals. One of the main reasons Sipco leads the market is down to their commitment to creating the very best ezyme-based solution products for making your plants healthier. Hygrozyme is the grower’s choice of enzyme. I personally have used it for years. It’s a great long lasting product with great dilutionrates. I wouldn’t grow without it. Anyone who’s anyone has heard of it…and if you haven’t? You’re missing out.

Hygrozyme can and should be included in all plant feeding regimes no matter whether you are growing in coco, soil, clay or even when using a hydro only system. Hygrozyme works perfectly to fit in with all styles and systems/methods. It should be used throughout the entire vegetative and flowering stage of the plant’s life and is a complete multi-enzyme blend, no additional enzymatic products are required. It’s literally a 1 bottle enzyme super product.

Hygrozyme contains an industry leading concentration of 4 core enzymes: 1,000 U/mL Cellulase, 100 U/mL Xylanase, 75 U/mL Hemicellulase and 40 U/mL beta-Glucanase, which are also complimented by a unique blend of additional hydrolytic enzymes to assist in the effective breakdown of dead root matter.

What are Enzymes used for? – Enzymes are used in most industries to make some of your favourite things like: tastier beer, softer cloths, better cheeses and juices, more efficient detergents etc…

What are Enzymes? – Enzymes are proteins, made up of amino acids that act as catalysts – they facilitate, energize, and speed up biochemical reactions. In fact, the rate of reaction can be several million times faster than if left un-catalyzed! An extreme example is orotidine 5?-phosphate decarboxylase, which allows a reaction that would otherwise take millions of years to occur in milliseconds.

How do Enzymes work – Enzymes are highly specific. Only when the right enzyme finds the right substrate, does a biochemical reaction occur. This precise interaction means you never have to worry about undesirable effects. For instance, when cellulase breaks down cellulose into simple sugars, you can be sure that is all that will happen. No other material or process will be altered or affected. This is why it is important to have the right enzyme formula like Hygrozyme designed specifically to get rid of the undesirable content without affecting the good.

What Hygrozyme does – Facilitates cleaner and stronger roots – One of the most important parts of your plant is the roots. Bigger the roots, bigger the fruits. If your roots aren’t clean and strong your plants will never reach their full potential. Keeping your roots clean and healthy is an often over looked part of growing. The phrase “out of sight, out of mind”  springs to mind. Incorporating Hygrozyme into any current feeding schedule will improve your yield by improving the root system of your plants.

Accelerates root breakdown – Your root system can be turbocharged. Hygrozyme proprietary enzyme formula also accelerates the speed of natural root zone reactions. It helps break down dead/dying roots and helps the regeneration of new fresh roots and root systems.

Keeps root zone and growing systems clean – With Hygrozyme there is less dead root matter and therefore much less chance of root based disease. As Hygrozyme breaks down dead and dying root matter it turns it in to an absorbable food source for fresh and new growing roots. This root recycling keeps the root zone free of any build up of dead root matter that could potentially rot and coarse disease. Hygrozyme also stimulates microbial growth, which improves drainage and aeration. Improved drainage and aeration means that chances of root rot are further decreased.

Sipco’s Hygrozyme product is also ISO certified, ISO 9001 is an internationally recognized set of standards for quality management systems created by the international organization for standardization. The quality standards apply to the process that creates products and services and are used by manufacturing and service industries all over the world.

Available in 500ml – 1L – 4L – 10L – 20L from Eden Horticulture.

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Welcome to a new feature in our monthly newsletter, “Richie Recommends”. Rich Hamilton is the Business Development Manager here at Eden Horticulture. Richard has a wealth of experience in the hydroponics industry where he has pretty much done it all, from running a large hydroponics retail store to working for some of the largest hydroponic distributors in the UK. The aim of the feature will be to showcase some new products with features and benefits and recommending some of the best ways to use our product’s we have in our range as well as informing you of all the latest trends in the market place.

Hi guys, the first product I wanted to recommend to you is the long anticipated Twister T6 trimmer. The T4 trimmer from Twister was a huge success here in Britain, however the high price, size and complexity of the T4 unit did scare a few customers off. 20% faster and 25% smaller with its tabletop design, the T6 is the all new, cheaper, easy to use, plug in and play, compact little brother of the T4. It is perfect for discreet, fast, home trimming. The first and most asked question about this new product is… is it quieter then the T4? The simple answer is…YES, but that’s not all, the new Twister T6 has a host of other great features which puts it head and shoulders above all other trimmers on the market to date.   

Made from the highest grade of materials the new Twister T6 boasts that it is the fastest, small-capacity trimmer in the world. It can process, on average, 4lbs of dry produce per hour or 2lbs of  wet produce per hour. The 4”(diameter) tumbler/barrel is made from high grade 304 non-stick stainless steel. No Teflon based PFE/PTEE coatings are used in the Twister T6 unit which ensures that there is NO chipping or flaking of any unnecessary coatings within the processing tumbler. The 304 stainless steel also ensures less “wall crawl” and a gentle soft tumble action while the produce is taken down the tumbler. The total “tumble” time is around 26 seconds from start to finish. The T6 makes a whopping 19,250 cuts per minute and is 20% faster than the leading competitors trimmer. Being completely honest, you would think that at that rate the produce would be ripped to pieces, but it isn’t. In fact, completely the opposite. The proprietary rotary geometric blade system delivers a consistent tight cut, which can be adjusted to 96 different settings. This easy to use click adjustment setting is easy to use and to dial in to whatever different produce is being passed through the Twister T6 tumbler. Combined with the enclosed belt driven 0.25HP motor, the blade can be adjusted to 0.0005 of an inch!!!! That’s 6 times thinner than a standard piece of paper!!! You can’t get better than that. I have personally used the T6 extensively and I can ensure you that not only does it give the tightest cut in the industry but also the most consistent. It provides the highest, most consistent cut, hour after hour, day after day, week after week. It truly is a miracle machine, shaving up to 95% off your trimming time and let’s face it…. trimming sucks! The T6 is also very easy to clean! Start to finish I would say it takes around ten minutes. The easy to change tumbler is literally a life saver!

So the T6 is easy to clean, easy to set up, easy to move and is low maintenance too, featuring completely changeable parts and being fully serviceable by the end user. It’s a no brainer really. To top that it also comes with a full 3 year warranty! The company have been in the business for 10 years and they stand behind their products. They say, “ If it breaks, it gets replaced. Period!” They have full confidence in it and so do I! The compact Twister T6 product truly is of the highest quality/grade possible. A must have for anybody that wants to provide consistent even trimmed products every time.

In my opinion the Twister T6 is the most advanced, versatile, easy to use, plug in and trim, trimming systems on the planet. I can’t see anything in the near future that is going to get anywhere near beating this trimmer.

The last 12 months have been a huge challenge for our logistics & operations. Due to such a rapid increase in demand from our stockists, it has meant that to house all of our stock we have needed 4 off site warehouses. This has meant that for every order we receive, we have had to travel across sites (some over 20 miles away) to get the stock and pick orders. Therefor, we are extremely please to announce that by the end off October we will have moved all our staff & stock into one warehouse! We are hoping that our stockists will see an immediate improvement in stock availability & service. We will be able to take your order & payment in one call and also increase our stock holding.

We thank all our customers for bearing with us while we have tried our best to cope with an increase in demand and hope that our new improved service is noticed going forward.

Eden Horticulture is the official distributor of Snoops Premium Nutrients!

taking place on the 10th, 11th & 12th March in Barcelona!

The only official distributor of Cyco Platinum Series in the UK.