About us

Eden Horticulture are the UK’s fastest growing hydroponic wholesaler. Eden Horticulture design, manufacture and distribute leading hydroponic brands throughout the UK and Europe. All of our products are tested to ensure maximum reliability and performance. Our products are stocked in the UK and are only available through approved retail outlets.

Due to the companies continued growth and success, Eden Horticulture has recently moved to a new facility to accommodate the company’s expansion. The move is in keeping with Eden’s continued progress to expand and improve its business and commitment and support to its customers.

Eden Horticulture are proud to distribute some of the worlds leading hydroponic brands, and strive to give you, the retailer, all the support necessary to help you grow.

Eden Horticulture remains committed to providing you with quality hydroponic products and unparalleled customer service. We aim to support you and your business to ensure it’s a success.