Hydroponic Reps and how to get in touch

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Eden is pleased to announce that two new hydroponic sales reps will be joining the Eden family. Both reps have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the hydroponics and horticultural industry, and we look forward to their specialist support.

Similarly Steven Robinson will be handling the northern regions; Such as Newcastle, Manchester, Glasgow, and surrounding areas as well as leading our activity in Liverpool. After numerous years in the industry, and after successfully running a hydroponic shop, Steven has an understanding of the hydroponic sector; with his specialized experience in growtents, he understands what shops want, and knows how to make sure everyone is satisfied.

In order to meet the increase in demand, Carl Stevens will be joining Richard Hamilton to cover the Southern and Midlands regions. This extra support will ensure that all our local shops will get to see us as frequently as possible. After running his own business, Carl has established strong connections with industry professionals. Carl will use his advanced knowledge in grow lighting and experience to strengthen the relationships between our network of shops.

Both Carl and Steven will be bringing products for you to sample and purchase. If you need to test the latest line of nutrients, or top up on your lighting kits, they’ll have you covered.

Want a visit from one our hydroponic sales team? or perhaps need a delivery in a hurry? Call us or also you can email to arrange a time that suits.

Richard Hamilton . richie@eden-horticulture.com – 07528 600200
Carl Stevens . carl@eden-horticulture.com – 07746 715093
Steven Robinson . steven@eden-horticulture.com – 07746 772888
Eden Horticulture . Info@eden-horticulture.com – 01952 455725 (9am-5pm)

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