Trimbag Dry Trimmer

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What is a trim bag?

Trimbag is a collapsible, lightweight and blade free bag with the potential to save you time and money.

So it can turn a boring, even complex time-consuming manual job with scissors into a breeze. How you ask? By simplifying the process and optimising the amount of energy and time I used. So simply roll, sweep and tumble you’r flowers to separate leaves with ease.

How does trimbag work?

Using Trimbags is a simple process because it has no moving parts or electronic tech.

It’s simplicity at its finest. You rotate the fabric drum, and Trimbag does all the hard work. With every rotation, the gentle friction breaks off the dry leaf matter (As a rule, 15-20 rotations is needed to de-leaf dense product). This leaves you with two, neatly separated, piles of materials which can be emptied via the two chambers. While the friction removes the leaf matter, it keeps the vast majority of essential oils intact, because of this it preserves the very best fro m your end product, and cutting down your workload massively. The Trimbag also comes with a carry bag to transport it from your grow area to a secure location, Trimbag is also able to be pushed flat allowing for easy storage


How to use Trimbag?

Trimbag is only compatible with well dried product that has a solid density and For best results, follow the instructions below:


Place the dried material inside the larger component, and zip it up. Rotate the Trimbag clockwise and counter-clockwise in quick succession 15-20 times. Place the bag down, making sure that the Trimbag logo is visible, and give it one final shake. Unzip the smaller compartment, and deposit the waste into a tray. Zip-up the smaller compartment, and then unzip the larger compartment; pour your trimmed, finished product into a tray ready for curing. After each usage, wipe with a damp cloth and lubricate the zips with the hemp oil provided.

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