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The only official distributor of Cyco Platinum Series in the UK.


About Cyco Platinum Series

Since 2008, SJ Enterprise has had the goal of producing the finest products in the horticulture industry by utilising the most advanced manufacturing methods and ingredients available today.

The Cyco Platinum Series line of plant nutrients is the benchmark in plant nutrient purity, performance, and technical advancement. Defined by EU Pharmacopeia, the 100% pharmaceutical grade sourced minerals are guaranteed a purity of 99.8%. It guaranteeing no heavy metals, manufacturing by-products or fillers will be in your end products.

The result is a spectacularly clean, efficient and potent product allowing growers across the world to have the purest plants Mother Nature and sciences allows. SJ Enterprise is also the proud manufacture of the Cyco Platinum Series line of plant mediums.

Cyco Platinum Series Coco Coir, Coco Pearl & Coco Bitz mediums carry prestigious Dutch RHP Certification for horticultural mediums which ensures a disease, virus and contaminant free medium with month to month testing upholding this designation.

Want to become a stockist?

Cyco is the only pharmaceutical grade nutrient on the market. Moreover, it sets the bar high as far as nutrient ranges go. Cyco is the dominant nutrient range on the USA and Australian markets. However, we’re proud to give it a platform for the UK!

If your keen to find out some more information and would like a visit from our Rep Ben, then either call 01952 455 725 or drop him a text on 07720 887036. He’ll visit your store and provide you with all the info you need!


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