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This month I want to showcase CYCO nutrients. One of the U.K’s only pharmaceutical grade nutrients, CYCO is top of the tree when it comes to nutrients and additives. They have a full range of easy to use products that work fantastically as an “add on” but even better used as a complete range.

CYCO’s vision is to provide a market savvy, cutting-edge range of hydroponic plant nutrients and additives to the industry, using the latest technologies and sourcing the best ingredients for their products. All products are stringently tested before they are brought to market. CYCO’s aim is to create new benchmarks in product quality and the results they achieve. They endeavor to deliver a business platform that informs all customers on how to accomplish the best results from using the CYCO Platinum Series. They listen and learn; priding themselves on having a great relationship with the retailers as well as the end users. As a result, they are constantly looking at bringing new and inventive products to the hydroponics market that people will actually want. They have already researched and designed a unique range of products. Moreover, they are developing to meet all of their client’s needs to succeed in hydroponic gardening.

Industry Standards Products

Everyone on the CYCO team is excited about CYCO Platinum Series products and stand behind their brand 100%. With over 28 years of experience in the hydroponic industry they are passionate about the products they produce and the services that they provide to continually improve industry standards. They have a shared intellectual pool that covers marketing, research, product development, retail, wholesale, end users agronomy and business management. This combined company intellect integrated with their passion gives them a new industry benchmark in delivering both product and service.

The CYCO Platinum Series line of plant nutrients is the benchmark in plant nutrient purity, performance, and technical advancement. Defined by the EU Pharmacopeia, the 100% pharmaceutical grade sourced minerals are guaranteed a purity of 99.8% guaranteeing that no heavy metals, manufacturing by-products, or fillers will be in the end products.

The manufacturing practices utilized in manufacturing CYCO Platinum Series nutrients are unique with the involvement of proteinate science. Proteinates are formed by a separate manufacturing process that joins pure 99.8% pure minerals with L-amino acids physically on the molecular level. The resulting 100% authentic amino chelates then blend into products. Especially, it results in superior mineral availability while drastically lowering latent salt content.

More About CYCO Platinum Series:

CYCO Platinum Series Coco Coir, Pearl & Bitz mediums carry the prestigious Dutch RHP Certification for horticultural mediums which ensures a disease, virus, and contaCYCO Platinum Seriesminant free medium with month to month testing upholding this designation.

CYCO Platinum Series quality even extends into mediums slated for organic food production by utilizing the finest organic inputs in their OMRI certified Seamix and Wormix products. Moreover, CYCO Platinum Series Clay holds the prestigious GGS German Geological Survey stamp of approval. Also, guarantees no dangerous leachates or heavy metal contamination.

Sounds to good? Since I started using the full CYCO range, I haven’t looked back. It truly is a great range of products, which I can recommend. If you don’t have it in store…you’re missing out.

Rich Hamilton

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