Boost sales in your Hydroponics store

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The main goal and objective of any business are to attract and retain customers, as well as make a profit. Customer acquisition and retention can only be accomplished through marketing.

In today’s competitive & developing hydroponics market it is impossible to have a thriving retail store without engaging in marketing. Retailers who are successful are not luckier than you, they have simply learned and applied the correct marketing techniques that work for them.

Here are a few tips on how to improve your retail sales with some simple marketing techniques.






Get social

In today’s fast-paced business world, it is impossible to not be virtual. Modern-day marketing techniques often revolve around social media efforts.

Social media marketing on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is the most cost-effective form of marketing today. It is vital to have an online presence.

Customers will engage with you if you are active on social media. Social media marketing is a great and effective method to position yourself as the top retailer for your goods. This is achieved with consistent and constant messaging and posts on social media – and not only when sales are down.

Connect and engage with your customer

Marketing techniques have long included customer service strategies. Today, customer service excellence goes beyond just giving your customer what he or she wants.

Customers demand to be engaged and valued. Customers expect retail shopping to be an experience and not merely a monetary exchange for goods.

Marketing trends are moving to methods of engaging with customers in a meaningful way. Chatbots and artificial intelligence (AI) are leading the way in making retailers tech savvy enough to keep up the demand from customers.

Engaging with customers not only help make them feel valued but it is also a great opportunity for you to make them aware of the goods you have on offer, any specials or discounts available and any other value-added services you offer.

Do not throw out the old-school completely
As technology steadily improves your marketing efforts and customer engagement, the old school methods are still as effective as ten to twenty years ago.

Still one of the best methods of keeping in touch with your customer is to create a mailing list. People still use email as a communication tool and keeping in touch with customer constantly will build a relationship of trust.

A key element to always bear in mind with marketing is that your customer is not simply looking for a product, he or she wants an experience. There is no better method to deliver this experience than through constant and consistent communication.

Sure you can advertise more, but if you are counting every spare coin in the business, you may not always be able to afford to advertise. Modern-day marketing techniques such as social media, online presence, and AI technology will ensure you are up to date with your marketing efforts and will ensure you are reaching your customers where they are. The cost is minimal compared to the amazing results and benefits of online and innovative marketing.

Plan your store layout





Planning or restructuring your retail space and store layout can result in massive improvements in customer retention and average spends by customer. Looking at what works and what don’t and measuring performance on products should be carried out daily. Below are some helpful tips to help maximize your store layout.

Don’t place your shop counter facing the entrance! By doing so results in your customers missing out all of your product display and drives them straight to the counter. Try moving your counter so that it is the last thing they see upon exiting (supermarket) or move it to the side to encourage your customer to wander and soak up the retail space you have created.

Keep it eye level

keeping most popular items & highest margin items at eyelevel will create the highest conversion rate. Having items to high or too low is a strain and can often lead to customers missing key items or wanted sales. When your next in a supermarket look at the brands which they choose to display at eyelevel. You will find it most likely to be leading brands (Heinz, coke & Hovis) at these viewpoints.

How to up-sell?

Accessories should be displayed at all lingering points (point in which the customer stops and pauses (tills, displays, counters, entrances, exits) having dump bins & essentials near these areas can increase average user spend by 30% in some cases.

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