Carbon Filters

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The Premium range of Vortex carbon filters differ from its competitors. It does this by using RC412, the newest, purest, most advanced virgin activated carbon pellets on the market. The pellets average half the weight of competing filters, and are more lightweight than any other comparable product. The product is therefore easier to move, secure and store.

Using premium aluminium casting means that there are no short cuts in the manufacturing process. Thus making it extremely efficient and reliable, and assuring a guaranteed extended lifespan.

Premium active carbon is filled into the filter during the manufacturing process.  A shaker bed controls the process to ensure that the amount of carbon within the filter is maximised. Because of this, there is a consistent level bed of active carbon throughout the entirety of each filter.

Carbon filters are the most common and best method of controlling grow room odour. They also pose no environmental or health risk to you or your plants. However it is very important to match the air flow with the correct filter. If the airflow is too high, the filter will be unable to cope with the amount of contaminated air passing through. Therefore there will still be an “odour” after the extract air has passed through the filter.

At Eden Horticulture, we have matched the correct filters with the correct airflow fans so we can ensure that these problems are avoided.

Customers can find this product available in a range of sizes from 4” to 12.5”.

We currently have 15% off our already competitive prices. So call today to see how we can help you. 

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