Air Cooled Lighting Reflectors

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Reduce the level of heat in your grow room!

If you are looking for quality, performance and results through the summer months, then having an air-cooled lighting system compared to the standard alternative, holds many advantages:

  • Significantly reduces the level of heat in your grow room
  • Option to use the most favourable hanging height – therefore increasing light intensity and yield
  • Allows your to grow in smaller, enclosed spaces


Black-air-cooled-reflector_WEBBLACK AIR COOLED REFLECTOR

The Black Air Cooled Reflector features a Cable with IEC connector to plug straight into your ballast, spigots on either end to integrate the use of ducting and an exhaust fan to draw the air through the reflector over the lamp removing any hot air. Blasting away the hot air that surrounds your lamp(s) out of the grow room massively helps to improve indoor temperatures and enhance plant performance.

The Black Air Cooled Reflector is available with three duct spigot connection sizes: 5”, 6” and 8”.



COOL WINGCool_Tube_Reflector_WEB

The Cool Wing is perfect for compact spaces and can be hung in a vertical or horizontal position. It is an airtight, fully sealed, clear glass tube with a lamp-mounting bracket in its centre. It has been designed to keep both lamp and grow room stay cooler by passing cool air over the lamps, reducing excessive heat build up. It comes with a 4mtr cable with IEC connector, comes in three sizes 5”, 6” & 8” to connect an extractor fan and has detachable wings!

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