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The growers guide

This month I want to showcase The Growers Guide series of books. Currently 3 strong, the next book, Passive watering systems comes out later this year. The series is a ‘back to basics’ on everything to do growing indoors. Moreover, runs from germinating seeds as well as cuttings, all the way through to harvest and storage

1.Book 1 – is on Coco Coir and soil, hand feeding, run to waste – View book

2.Book 2 – is focused of growing in Bubblers and DWC ( Deep water Culture). – View book

3.Book 3 – is all about growing in Organics. – View book

4.Book 4 – (coming soon) is a complete guide on how to grow using a passive watering system.


Each book is packed full of images, “how to’s” and easy to follow text for everybody to learn from. It’s a great read whether it’s cover to cover or as a reference guide to dip into whenever you need a little clarification on certain aspects of your grow.

The Growers Guide is devoted to what the novice grower is asking for, a concise, easy to follow guide that will get you started in the world of indoor growing. This book will show you how to grow in a 1.2 x 1.2 x 2m (4ft x 4ft x 5ft 6”) growing tent/room. The book take you right through from the earliest point of the grow process, the germinating of a seed, to the very finish which is the harvest and curing of your fruits. Whilst this may currently seem extremely daunting, I guarantee that by the time you have read the whole of this book that you will feel fully informed and be able to confidently complete an entire growing cycle.

It is the only book on the market to date that brings together all the information that you need in such a way that it leaves you fully informed and up to date on what you need and should be looking out for when you first go into a hydroponics store, as the sheer range of products can be totally overwhelming if you haven’t grown before.

Each chapter covers a different step of the growing process in full and is written in order to be concise and easy to understand. You will find each chapter packed full of colour pictures, diagrams and easy step-by-step instructions. Also, complete with a full “shopping list” of items needed for each stage of your Grow.

Chapter by chapter you will be walked through the entire process. It will tell you exactly what to look out for and when to expect it. It tells you what you need, what each item does and why it does it. You are walked through all available options, giving an experienced opinion along with the pro’s and con’s. It shows you how each element is best implemented into your working Grow environment. Especially it includes how to get the most out of it, enabling you to produce the best end result possible.

Think of The Growers Guide as a cookbook, I have taken inspiration from my many years of experience. Moreover, all the different ideas that you will find out there on the hydroponics market. Every stage of this book has been streamlined in order to produce this comprehensive guide.

With a RRP of £14.99 for each book, it provides a great, cost effective way of sharing growing technics with everyone.

Rich Hamilton
Available from Eden Horticulture

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Welcome to a new feature in our monthly newsletter, “Richie Recommends”. Rich Hamilton is the Business Development Manager here at Eden Horticulture. Richard has a wealth of experience in the hydroponics industry where he has pretty much done it all, from running a large hydroponics retail store to working for some of the largest hydroponic distributors in the UK. The aim of the feature will be to showcase some new products with features and benefits and recommending some of the best ways to use our product’s we have in our range as well as informing you of all the latest trends in the marketplace.

Hi guys, the first product I wanted to recommend to you is the long-anticipated Twister T6 trimmer. The T4 trimmer from Twister was a huge success here in Britain, however, the high price, size and complexity of the T4 unit did scare a few customers off. 20% faster and 25% smaller with its tabletop design, the T6 is the all new, cheaper, easy to use, plug in and play, compact little brother of the T4. It is perfect for discreet, fast, home trimming. The first and most asked question about this new product is… is it quieter then the T4? The simple answer is…YES, but that’s not all, the new Twister T6 has a host of other great features which puts it head and shoulders above all other trimmers on the market to date.

Twister T6 trimmer

Twister T6 trimmerMade from the highest grade of materials the new Twister T6 boasts that it is the fastest, small-capacity trimmer in the world. It can process, on average, 4lbs of dry produce per hour or 2lbs of  wet produce per hour. The 4”(diameter) tumbler/barrel is made from high grade 304 non-stick stainless steel. No Teflon based PFE/PTEE coatings are used in the Twister T6 unit which ensures that there is NO chipping or flaking of any unnecessary coatings within the processing tumbler. The 304 stainless steel also ensures less “wall crawl” and a gentle soft tumble action while the produce is taken down the tumbler. The total “tumble” time is around 26 seconds from start to finish. The T6 makes a whopping 19,250 cuts per minute and is 20% faster than the leading competitor’s trimmer.

More about Twister T6 Trimmer – blade, trimming time and others:

Being completely honest, you would think that at that rate the produce would be ripped to pieces, but it isn’t. In fact, completely the opposite. The proprietary rotary geometric blade system delivers a consistent tight cut, which can be adjusted to 96 different settings. This easy to use click adjustment setting is easy to use. Moreover, to dial into whatever different produce is being passed through the Twister T6 tumbler.

Combined with the enclosed belt driven 0.25HP motor, the blade can be adjusted to 0.0005 of an inch!!!! That’s 6 times thinner than a standard piece of paper!!! You can’t get better than that. I have personally used the T6 extensively and I can ensure you that not only does it give the tightest cut in the industry but also the most consistent. It provides the highest, most consistent cut, hour after hour, day after day, week after week. It truly is a miracle machine, shaving up to 95% off your trimming time and let’s face it…. trimming sucks! The T6 is also very easy to clean! Start to finish I would say it takes around ten minutes. The easy to change tumbler is literally a life saver!

The Growers GuideSo the T6 is easy to clean, easy to set up, easy to move and is low maintenance too, featuring completely changeable parts and being fully serviceable by the end user.

It’s a no brainer really. To top that it also comes with a full 3 year warranty! The company have been in the business for 10 years and they stand behind their products. They say, “ If it breaks, it gets replaced. Period!” They have full confidence in it and so do I! The compact Twister T6 product truly is of the highest quality/grade possible. A must have for anybody that wants to provide consistent even trimmed products every time.

In my opinion, the Twister T6 is the most advanced, versatile, easy to use, plug in and trim, trimming systems on the planet. I can’t see anything in the near future that is going to get anywhere near beating this trimmer.

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Eden are now official distributors for Plagron soil & nutrients, we had a chat with them about their range and why their products are perfect for you.


Q)  For customers new to your products, what is the difference between grow style & category?

Each growstyle has its own characteristic. Our growing styles consist of different substrates and basic nutrients, each with their own advantages.

Do you prefer a healthy end product with the best smell and taste? If so then choose Plagron 100% NATURAL products. All 100% NATURAL substrates and fertilisers are 100% organic and therefore good for people, animals and the environment. 100% NATURAL products can be recognised by the green label.

100% TERRA
Do you like, fast, easy and good results? If so, then choose Plagron 100% TERRA products. 100% TERRA substrates and fertilisers offer great flexibility so you can grow whatever you want. 100% TERRA products can be recognised by the red label.

100% COCO
Do you prefer coco-based hydroponics? If so then choose Plagron 100% COCO products. 100% COCO substrates and fertilisers are simple and easy to use and offer a stable pH value. 100% COCO products can be recognised by the orange label.

100% HYDRO
Do you prefer hydroponics and total control? If so then choose Plagron 100% HYDRO products. 100% HYDRO substrates and fertilisers offer total control for nutrition values and pH values. 100% HYDRO products can be recognised by the blue label.


Q) Tell us more about your product selector?

With our product selector you can choose your desired substrate. By answering the questions you will arrive at the substrate that meets your wishes. Among other things, considerations are made between taste, yield, and experience of the grower, so that you get to the right products for an ideal growing situation.


Q) Which soil is best when if customers want to grow using 100% Natur0al?

Batmix – For the best smell and taste.

– 6 weeks organic pre-fertilize
– Contains bat guano
– Contains perlite
– Contains worm manure
– Coarse structure
– Enhances the smell and taste of the end product

Allmix – Growing with rich soilf life.

– Fine structure, for high water absorption capacity.
– Better suited for growing in warm conditions.
– 6 weeks organically fertilized.
– Contains perlite.
– Contains worm castings.

Royal mix – Growing for the highest yield.
– Coarse structure
– Contains 30% perlite
– 6 weeks organically fertilized
– Contains worm castings
– Nutrition is time-released


Q) At what stage should people start giving nutrition if they use Lightmix?

After the first week the grower can fertilize his plant with half a dose of Terra grow. Then gradually build up the nutrition according to the needs of the plant.


Q) Is your 100% COCO organic?

Our Cocos premium has the RHP quality mark. Cocos premium can be considered as an organic substrate, but due to the presence of calcium, the substrate cannot be registered as an organic substrate with the CU logo.


Q) Can people grow using 100% HYDRO without adjusting the pH and EC meter?

We advise every grower who uses our 100% HYDRO products to adjust the pH and EC according to our growing schedule. The pH must be within a certain range to guarantee maximum absorption. It is possible to grow with our 100% HYDRO products without an EC meter if the grower can ‘read’ his plants well and following the schedule. However, it is not advisable, an EC meter makes it much easier.


Q) Should people purchase moisture meters for any of the range?

The use of a moisture meter gives a clear picture of how moist the substrate is. This meter is a great tool for beginners who tend to keep the substrate too moist. An experienced grower can put a finger in the substrate and feel whether the substrate is damp or dry enough.


Q) Tell us more about your Grow Schedule Calculator?

Our Grow Schedule Calculator is made to make feeding the plants a lot easier. Many starting growers are uncertain to what extent they should feed. Our Grow Schedule Calculator is a great guideline, which can usually be used without any problems and therefore gives certainty to the grower. The Grow Schedule Calculator also shows which products can be combined aswell.


Q) What exhibitions will you be attending this year?

We will be attending the following exhibitions this year:

Autopot, England – 17th & 18th August.

Cannafair, Dusseldorf Germany. 23rd, 24th & 25th August.

THC Expo, Chile – 13th, 14th, 15th September.

En Cannafest, Prague – 1st, 2nd, 3rd November.

If users have growing questions or need advice about our products, they can always reach us via the service desk. This can be done by emailing