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Shield Sulphur Cream combines two methods of pest removal for maximum effect. Shield Plant Wash has been mixed with Sulphur Crystals and a unique blend of carrier oils to kill pests when they are present and also to act as a preventative measure if bugs haven’t become established.

The Shield Vapouriser slowly releases sulphur vapour which inhibits the spread of powdery mildew, botrytis and pests such as spider mites.

  • Excellent preventative measure against moulds and many garden pests

  • Clever design means that only vapour is released – no burning

  • Best used in the dark period when garden extraction is switched off

  • Can hold enough cream to last many night-time treatments

  • Non-toxic to humans and does not affect growth of plants

  • Effective in rooms up to 100 m2

  • Comes with 200g tub of Sulphur Cream

  • Refill tubs of Sulphur Cream always available


The Shield Sulphur Vaporiser heats the sulphur cream on a thermostatically controlled hot-plate. The vapouriser heats the sulphur cream just to the point where it vaporises slowly into the grow-room. With it’s carefully controlled heating action, the vapouriser will not produce any toxic combustion products like sulphur dioxide, only sulphur vapour is produced. Sulphur vapour kills mould spores, preventing the spread of fungi and rot. Sulphur is also toxic to spider mites and various other grow-room pests. The Vapouriser releases a consistent dose of sulphur over an 8 hour period ensuring there is no wastage.


A single Shield Sulphur Vaporiser can be used to treat a grow-room up to 100 m2 in size. The Vapouriser should be hung roughly in the centre of the grow-room at a height of least 1 meter below the ceiling to give the sulphur vapour enough space to dissipate properly. The sulphur container inside the Vapouriser should be filled to the fill-level mark with sulphur cream and then placed onto the internal hot-plate. During treatment times it is necessary to have grow-room extraction and intake fans switched off so that the sulphur remains in the room to do its job. This means that the best time to use the Vapouriser is during the dark-period. Treatments take 8 hours and a timer can be used to switch the Vapouriser on and off. As a preventative measure, the Vapouriser should then be used once a week. To help eradicate an on-going infestation, the Vapouriser can be used as frequently as necessary, even every dark-period for a week or so until the situation is under control.

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Does your customer want to prevent pests and mould in their grow room? Then Shield Sulphur Vaporiser is a great choice as it combines two methods of pest removal. The Shield Vaporiser steadily releases Sulphur Vapour which inhibits the spread of powdery mildew, botrytis and pests such as spider mites. This product is active in rooms up to 100m2 and works best in the dark when extraction is turned of!