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  • Resinoff – Heavy duty dual wipes. The pot contains 50 wipes for the safe and effective removal of resin, dirt and oil from hands and everyday objects!

  • High quality digital timers – every grow room needs them!  These digital timers can be programmed to the minute, making them ideal for running pumps, fans and also lights (remember to use a timer contactor). They are excellent for controlling high-pressure drip systems and the timed release of carbon dioxide.

  • If there’s one thing every grow room has, its loads of its extension leads! Make sure to stock up on yours. These extension leads are ideal for pumps, air pumps, fans and all those other key items that need their own socket. Available in 4 and 6 gang sizes.

  • If there’s one thing every grow room has loads of its extension leads!

  • 3M Reflector Extension Lead is useful for when you need to extend cable from a ballast to a reflector.




  • Quality E40 Ceramic CFL lamp holder, with hanging hook. Fully insulated solid metal cap fitting with 4.5 metre heavy duty flex fitted UK 3 pin plug.




  • Brand: Omega


    These super strong rope ratchets hold up to 68kg of weight, making them perfect for hanging carbon filters, fans, ballasts, lights, reflectors and all the other hydroponic gear you might want to hang. These Rope Ratchets can be altered without stretching or tying and untying knots. You can simply hook them onto whatever needs to be hung and pull them tight!


  • Brand: Omega

    This timer is designed to take the high inductive loads from HID ballasts. No contactor is needed as the timer features 96 switching operations within a 24 hour period. A robust and trusted timer includes socket and dust cover.




  • YO-YO hanger allows the grower to adjust the height of light(s) and reflector(s) with ease in a matter of seconds. Simply hook the easy rollers on an appropriate fixture, fasten the nylon suspension cords to the hanging brackets on the reflector, adjust to the required height and tighten the butterfly clamp to secure.

    Comes with metal hooks to attach lights easily.

    Holds up to 3KG per hanger for fast growing plants that need regular light adjustments.